Organise your family, quickly, simply, easily.

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Easily organise your children and their schools, doctors, sports activities, events, friends and parents of friends on cards.

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Keep children safe with important family contact numbers and addresses right there on a smartphone.



Seamlessly make contact with important people in the children’s lives. Need to confirm sleep over details with a friend’s parent – easily done, call, email or SMS straight from the app.

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Quickly locate the addresses of doctors, friends, schools and sports activities. Need to know where to collect the grandchildren – easy, click on a button.




Fathers and grandparents are informed about the children and therefore involved in the children’s lives enabling deeper, closer and more meaningful conversations to be had.

Its great being able to contact Tim’s best friend’s parents via a quick SMS to confirm they are happy with the sleepover and time to collect the next day. Once thats done I know they have my details and can contact me during Tim’s stay if need be.
— Quinton
It is a relief having details for all 6 grandchildren on my phone so that I am able to keep track of them. I feel less anxious knowing I can quickly refresh my memory before they arrive. They think I am very sharp!
— Grandma
My wife has kindly populated the MiFamTies App with all the details of our three children (schools, teachers names, doctors, out of school activities friends) as well as names and contact details of the extended family she adds notes to remind me of upcoming events..
— Dad
My husband is noticeably more engaged with the children now that he has the core details of their lives at his fingertips. I think he felt a little disconnected before.
— June