an App for Grandparents, Parents and Children that…

helps us recall important details about; school, doctors, out of school activities and friends for each child,

keeps children safe with contact numbers and addresses for; parents, grandparents, school, doctors, friends and friends parent’s being right there on a smartphone,

results in us being more involved in the children’s lives through knowing things such as subjects taken at school, extra activities they are involved in outside of school and who their friends are… enabling deeper, closer and more meaningful conversations to be had,

assists us in managing our lives more easily with contact details and address neatly arranged so that schools, doctors, sports coaches and the parents of friends can be contacted seamlessly by telephone, email and SMS or located on a map.


For Children

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Knowing our children can quickly contact us or if we are not available, their grandparents, uncles or aunts, is one of the reasons we get phones for them. Having these details on neatly arranged cards gives us confidence they have the right contacts close at hand.

With names and addresses for their doctor, school, home and friends on a phone our children are able to give adults (for example the parent of a friend where they may be having a sleepover) clear instructions should they find themselves in need of assistance.


For Parents


Fathers can sometimes feel disconnected from the day to day activities of their children. MiFamTies keeps them up to date with those seemingly small but vital details such as; who their current doctor is, where they are located, who the second child’s top ten friends are, where they live, friends parents’ names and how to contact them.

It can be daunting trying to keep track of all the things we need to know and it can be uncomfortable not knowing or being able to recall details about our children.



For Grandparents

Need to remember important information about your grandchildren? MiFamTies keeps details of each child on separate “cards” arranged in categories; child, school, health, activities and friends.

Feel more in control by being able to contact schools, doctors, sports coaches, friends and friend's parents seamlessly, direct from the app.

Be more involved in your grandchildren’s lives by knowing who their teachers are, what after school activities they take part in or who their best friend is.

If you need to collect your grandchildren from school, a friends house or out of school event the address can easily be located on a map from within the app.